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Be honest…WHY did you start your business? Why do you still run it?

Was it so you could get buried in paperwork? Or was it to stay on top of paperwork, but potentially be missing out on the special things that YOU offer that help your business (& you) thrive and grow even more?

Didn’t think so. Get back to why you run your business in the first place and let me take care of those other details.

WHY hire a Bookkeeper?

Well, the simplest answer is…WHY NOT?! That said, I know you need a little more info than that, so here are 5 truths to answer why a bookkeeper is important and why you should consider hiring one if you don’t have one:
1. When completed properly, accurate bookkeeping makes your records more reliable saving your time and money
2. In order to properly submit your taxes (& in case of an audit), pay your bills, ensure you are getting paid properly, keep your employees happy with accurate paycheques and keep the government happy with accurate returns, it is crucial to have a current, accurate set of company accounts and records
3. As a business owner you must choose – “Is it more important to split my time and focus to manage growing my business AND keep up on my books, OR is there greater value in outsourcing the bookkeeping tasks to a professional at reasonable rates (while still saving on extra “employee” costs such as vacation pay, EI, CPP, WCB etc)”
4. Even the best accounting software is of no use if the data entered isn’t accurate (rules and mandates change regularly – do you know when and what they are?)
5. A bookkeeper’s main role is to ensure accuracy, transparency and clarity of your financial operations to help you operate in the most effective way

Now that you know you need a bookkeeper…and there’s lots out there…WHY should you hire ME?

My witty comebacks and good looks, of course. But more importantly, you will benefit from: - My 30+ years experience and dedication to my chosen profession - Proficient in various computerized programs such as Sage 50 (Simply Accounting) and QuickBooks - Commitment to customer satisfaction - Whether you are starting a NEW business or maintaining and working to grow an established company, you can trust that I will meet your individual needs - Service you can count on…confident enough that it’s in my business name COUNT ON IT BOOKKEEPING

I look forward to adding you to my list of satisfied clients. CONTACT ME today! 

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